Sunday, May 19, 2013

That Red Barn again

As I was heading down to Cornwall for work, I took the opportunity to call by the Red Barn at Emsworthy on Dartmoor just in case it was worth a snap.
Throughout the journey down the M5, the skies had been very dramatic which was encouraging, but as soon as I got near Emsworthy, all the definition in the sky disappeared and the rain started. Luckily there was a brief gap in the weather and I managed one shot before getting soaked.
I'll be back.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring in Scotland

As I had a few days leave owing to me and my family were all rapped up with school revision etc, I decided to spend a few days in and around Rannock Moor near Glen Coe.
Rannock moor is a really remote and dramatic place and from the photos I've seen of it, It can be a spectacular venue for photography as long as the rain holds off. Bizarrely rain wasn't my problem, clear blue skies were my curse; I was hoping for stormy clouds!
Anyway, I had a great time on my lonesome and hope to be heading back there in the Autumn.