Tuesday, November 29, 2011

26th November - Chasing the steam

Spent the day around Leominster chasing two steam trains with Laurie Hughes. The light could have been better but I've been out in worse.
We finished up at Stokesay Castle to see the Tornado. Unfortunately none of my shots have inspired me enough to post them. Must try harder.


12th November - Still no Kingfisher

I've lately changed location where I've been trying to get shots of a Kingfisher. The previous place, a dead cert apparently failed to give any sightings so I took the advice of a birding friend and moved to a location closer to home. This resulted in me getting one step closer to my goal, in that I managed to catch the slightest of glimpses of a KF rather than the usually ducks that came a teased me before.
Haven't been back since due to work and rubbish weather but I shall return.